Red Forgeworks

Hand Forged Professional Meat Cleaver


Because our knives are forged by hand, they take a considerable amount of time to make.

If you would like to order this style of knife, please contact us, and we will put you on a waiting list and get back to you with an estimated time of delivery.

This custom meat cleaver is hand-forged in Timmonsville, South Carolina, by Reed Moore, using traditional hand-forging techniques combined with an exceptionally high quality modern blade steel. This is a unique cleaver because it is forged from your choice of D2 or CPM 3V tool steels. Neither steel is commonly used as a material for cleavers because they are difficult to work and expensive; however, I believe both produce a superior tool (especially when forged) that will hold its edge many times longer than any other commercially available cleaver. This knife has the following features:

- 6" Hand-forged semi-stainless high carbon steel blade in your choice of D2 or CPM 3V steel

- Total length: 9 5/8"

- Blade thickness: 1/4"

- Weight: Approx. 16 oz.

- Exceptionally sharp and durable

- Full tang handle with hand-carved, western North Carolina locust handle (or your choice from our selection of available local and reclaimed hardwoods)

- Blade edge is hardened and tempered to approx. 60-62 Rockwell C hardness

- Blade is differentially tempered twice, producing a tougher knife with a higher hardness edge than a typical single temper knife of the same composition

- Blade is cryogenically frozen between tempers, increasing edge-holding ability, toughness, and stain-resistance

- Signed with the maker's signature "R" touchmark

- Includes a handmade maple blade protector

- Lifetime warranty against materials and workmanship

Please note that this listing is for a custom cleaver, which will be made to order. A range of options are available for customization including handle material, blade rocker, and weight. This listing is for an approximately 1 lb. cleaver. This style is available up to 2.5 lbs. Please contact us at for pricing information.