Red Forgeworks

Hand Forged Damascus Bird and Trout Fillet Knife


This hand-forged Damascus fillet knife is designed to be the finest trout or sunfish fillet knife available. The 5-3/4 inch, approx. 386-layer Damascus blade is composed of three types of steel: 52100, 5160, 15N20. The average carbon content of this steel is approximately 0.76%. The blade is differentially tempered so that the body has a spring temper for flexibility, while the edge retains a high degree of hardness for edge retention. The combination of flexibility and edge retention is fairly unique for a fillet knife, as it is exceptionally difficult to temper such a long, thin blade this way. The blade also features an extremely sharp, Scandinavian inspired, flat ground edge.

The handle wood pictured is hickory reclaimed from an industrial paper roll chock block. The handle is attached with West Systems G-flex epoxy before being permanently secured with custom brass rivet-bolts (machined in-house). The handle wood has been stabilized and finished with food safe tung oil.

A hand-sewn, wet formed leather sheath is included with the knife.