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Sharpening Stones


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  • 150 grit coarse silicon carbide stone
  • 220 grit medium-coarse stone
  • 320 grit medium-fine stone
  • 600 grit extra-fine $11.00
  • 900 grit very-fine stone $12.00
  • 1200 grit super-fine stone $15.25

These are the stones we use to sharpen and polish every Red Forgeworks knife. The stones are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Boride Engineered Abrasives, and we believe them to be the finest sharpening stones on the market. These stones have been carefully selected from several hundred different polishing stone options for the right amount of sharpening action at every stage, so that you can quickly sharpen even the hardest blade steels.

As a basic set, we recommend purchasing the 150 grit coarse silicon carbide stone, the fine 320 grit stone, and the extra fine 600 grit stone. We also have intermediate grits (220 and 400) available, and although you can get by without them, they will speed up the sharpening process and reduce wear on the rest of your stones.

The 900 and 1200 grit stones are excellent for final polishing (1200 grit is approx. equivalent to a Japanese #4000 stone) if you enjoy making your knives ultra-sharp. The finest grit stones are great to use in place of a traditional "sharpening" steel, because they recenter the edge while taking off a small amount material. This tiny amount of material removal allows you to maintain a perfectly sharp knife without having to go through the entire sharpening process.

All stones are 1/4"x1"x6", but other sizes are available. Please contact us for more information.