Red Forgeworks

Hand Forged High Carbon Stainless Chef's Knife


This knife is designed and handmade in South Carolina by Reed Moore of Red Forgeworks using traditional forging techniques combined with modern metallurgical science. Each 8" Chef's Knife has the following features:

- Inspired by the Scandinavian Puukko style knife

- Hand forged 154CM (high carbon, stainless) or CPM 3V (high carbon, super tough, non-stainless) steel blade

- Full tang handle

- Distally tapered blade for balance and toughness

- Blade edge is hardened and tempered to approx. 59-62 Rockwell C hardness

- Blade is cryogenically frozen between tempers, increasing edge-holding ability, toughness, and stain-resistance

- Differentially tempered two or more times, producing a more durable blade with a higher hardness edge than a typical single temper knife of the same composition

- Hand-carved handle made from your choice of our selection of reclaimed or locally harvested wood

- Signed with the maker's signature "R" touchmark

- Exceptionally sharp and durable

If you would like to order a knife, please contact us at [email protected] to find out about current pricing and wait times.